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Posted by SALSA Lab on July 31, 2020

This is DVApred, Drug-virus association prediction server, a free, open source tool designed to assist clinicians for predicting anti-virals against viruses. Based on advanced machine learning methodologies, the tool can predict drug-virus associations based on the similarities between RNA / DNA structure of the viruses, the chemical structure of the drugs and the historical information about the efficacy of the drugs on different viruses


This web server provides the following:
1. Top-5 drugs predicted for a virus, given its complete genome
2. A normalized score depicting the overall efficacy of the drug against the virus given a drug and a virus

1. Drug prediction

Choose algorithm:

If chosen virus name is "Other", Upload complete genome of virus in "fasta" format.

(NOTE: Prediction after file upload may take a minute. Please do not refresh)

2. Association prediction

Choose algorithm:

Cite us!

If you use the database or the software, please cite the following work:
"Mongia, Aanchal, Sanjay Kr Saha, Emilie Chouzenoux, and Angshul Majumdar. "A computational approach to aid clinicians in selecting anti-viral drugs for COVID-19 trials." arXiv preprint arXiv:2007.01902 (2020)."

Disclaimer: This tool is for professional research only and should only be used by competent authority. The authors and their institutions strictly recommend against personal use of the tool and will not be responsible for any outcome arising from such use